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Passionate about people and flavours, Feasted exists to empower others around food.

Whether you are cooking at home, learning to be a chef, or booking us for a special occasion, you will get the same energy and the same kind of flavourbombs from us.

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Our work is split into three areas; education, dining and consultancy.

For our education side of things, we have developed a course with Stoke on Trent College to inspire young people and offer them the skills needed for a career in Gastronomy. We also offer consultancy work.

We do dining differently. From full bells and whistles to a takeaway that is so much better than your average, with our infamous BOARDs making their way across the city, we know how to put together something fancy.

Our Once upon a Plate is a private dining experience like no other, offering a totally bespoke menu for you and your guests. Or why not try our mouthwatering barbeque package, so you can sit back and relax with a personal chef keeping an eye on the barbie.

Available for up to thirty people, we cater for your team in a different kind of way. Busting boredom and cooking up the tastiest of creations, we can set up kitchen in your workspace or we have a range of kitchens that we can book for the activity.

What remains throughout all of it is the stories that we tell.

Stories through food, stories through flavour and stories that talk about a life full of adventure and packed with history. Whether it is a place or a person, an event or an epiphany, we will harness your words and transform them into a creative menu.

We would love to hear your story, so get in touch and find out more about what we offer, click onto the links below.

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